Monday, April 13, 2009


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And...on to today. Kaidan woke up with a headache and a low fever. I called clinic and, of course, they needed me to bring her in. We came up and her ANC is 200, so here we are, INPATIENT!! Kaidan is not happy about this because we had an Easter party at Nate's mom's house tonight and she is very sad that she's missing it. We will be here for at least a day or two. I'll update tomorrow morning after I talk to the doctors because I don't really know what the criteria will be for her to go home (you know, consistency has never been their strong suit). Since we've been here she hasn't had a fever, but that's how it goes. I also told the doctors that I want them to look into her constant stomach problems. We're here anyway, so now is as good a time as any to do further testing. I just want to make sure it's nothing, on and off stomach pain and diarrea is what got us into this whole cancer mess in the first place. The doctors don't like to listen to me (things are always better if it was their idea), but I'd rather run the tests and be safe. So, we have started with X-rays and we'll go from there.

I'll update again tomorrow morning. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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