Friday, October 31, 2008

just another bump in the never ending dirt road of our lives...

Well, we had a great night. After school today I took the kids to Make a Wish for trick-or-treating and they had a lot of fun. It was really fun to see Cash because I'm sure he doesn't really remember last year and he was pretty excited to have people holding out bowls of candy and letting him take his pick. It's always a good time with Make a Wish.

Later, we raked leaves and the kids played outside, isn't it nice that the weather is still so perfect?? I'm loving it. Anyway, then we had dinner and carved pumpkins. I'll post some pumpkin pictures as soon as I can. Everyone had a great time.

So, here comes the bump...Kaidan takes her shower and is getting ready for bed, and I bring in her 7 chemo pills that she has to take, and she tells me her throat hurts so bad she can't swallow the pills! This is the first I've even heard of a sore throat, so I think she's just being difficult, but when I look in her mouth it's covered in white gunk! Now, it's like 11:00 because we've been busy playing and Kaidan is freaking out because her Halloween parade and carnival is tomorrow at school and she can't miss it, and I have no idea what to do. If this was an ordinary situation, I'd wait until tomorrow and call the doctor, but nothing is ordinary anymore. Kaidan could be really, really sick by never know where her blood counts are, or if this is strep or what. So, I call the clinic and, of course, they won't prescribe an antibiotic without seeing her, so she'll have to come in tomorrow. She doesn't want to miss her parade, but she is crying because she doesn't want to get anyone sick either. I don't want her to miss her parade either, and I don't want to miss Preslee's parade, but there is only one of me. (Does anyone know anything about cloning?? I doubt Nate would like having to deal with more than one of me, but I could really use a couple more of myselfs!) OK, now the gut wrenching part, Kaidan starts crying and tells me she thinks she is going to about breaking my heart!! It also makes me sick to my stomach because I have this weird pit in my stomach anyway...can she sense that?? I'm sure she can, kids know everything. I know it's nothing big, I'm just stressing because I don't understand why stuff like this can't happen on days when it doesn't matter or like at 2:00 in the afternoon when the doctor is in??

So, we'll see what tomorrow brings, and if someone would like to come pave our road so we don't have to go over anymore bumps, I'd make you dinner. :)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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