Wednesday, April 15, 2009

going home...

We are headed home! We are waiting to see the "real" doctor, instead of the resident for final permission, and then we'll haveto wait for discharge papers, so we will go home today, but it could be awhile still. Probably this afternoon sometime. Kaidan's blood counts are going up, her ANC is 100. So, she is still neutropenic and if she gets another fever we'll be right back up here, but hopefully that won't happen.

We have stopped Kaidan's oral chemos and she will have blood draws every Monday until next clinic on the 29th.

I'm going to keep a log of her stomach pain and we'll decide what to do about it based on what those logs look like. I had a long talk with the resident today (the first resident I think I've ever actually enjoyed talking to) and I feel much, much better about holding off on any further testing. If all doctors would just spend a little extra time explaining and LISTENING the world would be a better place! The resident this morning did that, and I feel a lot better about things.

I'll update if anything changes or on Monday after her blood draw...whichever comes first!

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