Friday, April 3, 2009

April 2, 2009

Well, Kaidan's ANC went from 1400 yesterday to 600 today, but she hasn't had any fevers since this morning. The doctors gave her another dose of antibiotic and sent her on her way. They are sending out another dose for tomorrow that we will give her at home, so she should be good through the weekend, unless we notice any changes in her. They also decreased her chemos back to 50%. (She was already at 50% on one, but the other one was up to 100%)
This definitely isn't "smooth sailing" like we were told it would be!
Porter had his doctor appointment today. His lungs were clear, so he doesn't have pneumonia...that's GREAT! But...his ears are looking pink, not infected yet...but possibly on their way. The doctor (can I just say, I LOVE HER) gave me her cell phone number so I can call her over the weekend if he seems to be bothered by his ears. She said she'll just call in the antibiotic instead of me calling the office and having to make an after hours appointment! If they do get worse, we will be putting tubes in his ears in the near future to stop this endless cycle of infections.
Next chemo is April 29th...7 more to go!!

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