Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year...

I don't have too much to update on, not much going on around here, but here's a little update anyway.

We had a great Christmas and a happy New Years. The kids were lucky enough to get most of what they wanted and it's was still a lot of fun waiting with them and experiencing all of their anticipation. I've cleaned up all the decor and now it's on to organizing and spring cleaning in January.

As far as health, everyone is doing well. All the kids got sick the week leading up to Christmas, and of course it hit Kaidan again on Christmas Day. She came down with a whopping fever of 105 and was sick for 4 days. I think once you survive cancer you should be exempt from sickness on all holidays :)

Kaidan is still taking the laxative a couple times a week and the medicine they gave her for the painful spasms she was having seems to work so she takes that before every meal. We will go back to the GI doctor in February to follow-up. I'm still hoping they will do more tests because even though the medicine is helping, it doesn't explain why she's having the problems and if she doesn't take that medicine the pain is right back. I don't think the laxative is helping anything, so I don't think she is constipated and her H Pylori test was negative. Kaidan will also be getting some custom arch supports to help her ankles when we can afford the $250 cost that the insurance won't cover because they don't believe they are medically necessary. She is also going to see a therapist next week for her anxiety and they are going to work on some coping skills so Kaidan can enjoy her life the way she deserves. She has her next oncology check-up on the 17th.

Other than that it's just life. Plain old boring wonderful life. I love that we didn't have to go to the hospital on Christmas day for Kaidan's fevers, I love that her body is capable of healing itself, and I love that today all my kids are healthy and happy.