Wednesday, February 10, 2010

check up time...

Kaidan had her check-up with oncology yesterday. It went very well. I had a lot of concerns, and I can't say that I don't anymore, but I am relieved to see that her blood counts look good. They are actually completely normal! We are really grateful for that, It's good to know that her immune system is picking back up.

There are still so many things that are concerning. She is still experiencing a lot of stomach pain, occasional headaches that are quite intense, bone pain throughout her body, blurred vision, and occasional chest pain. Whether or not these things are related, or whether they are indicative of anything is still unknown. She has an appointment with the pediactric opthamologists up at Primary's the end of this month and an appointment with the GI doctors up there on the 9th of March, which is also her next clinic check-up. Hopefully we can get some answers.

I don't want to sound like I'm not pleased with her blood results, but I do have a lingering feeling that something isn't right. Along with all her current symptoms, which are all too similar to how she felt for 2 months leading up to her original diagnosis, her white blood count and ANC more than doubled in the last couple of weeks, but her hemoglobin and hematocrit went down, just slightly. Her platelets stayed the same. That isn't a bad thing, but I would have liked to see them all increase. As a cancer mom, I know all too well that the white count and ANC increase and everything else decreases when there is cancer. Obviously her counts are all still great, so nothing is going on now, but it's very, VERY hard to relax. I try really hard, but I'm constantly feeling her forehead for a fever, constantly checking her out for weird bruises when she's getting changed for bed, and just constantly worried about the future and the unknown. Am I insane? Or is this normal? I imagine it will get a little better with each passing month and with each positive check-up. It is all just so scary.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on. I'm very happy that her counts are great and her immune system seems to be recovering. She is doing well overall, and I'm glad for that.

On to more news, Carson, our good friend from Bluffdale finished his treatment yesterday I believe!! Way to go!! We are so happy for them.

Also, my sister has her blog up and running. It's still in the beginning stages, but check it out!

Everyone else seems to be happy and healthy in our house. We are glad for that.

I'll update again after Kaidan's appointments over the next few weeks. Thank you all for your continued concern and support.