Friday, April 24, 2009

home sweet home...

We are home tonight, together at last. It's nice. Kaidan's counts went up again. Her white blood cells are 3.0, her ANC is 700. Her hematocrit went down to 31.9 and her platelets went down to 155.

We are scheduled for a blood draw on Monday and chemo on Wednesday. We will also be doing a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday, so Kaidan will have sedation that day. The other test they are running will take a couple of weeks because they can't just check the level of the chemo in her blood because she hasn't been taking the chemo regularly for so long, due to her constant fevers and low ANC. So they are looking at Kaidan's genetics and certain enzymes in her body, etc. I still want to do the bone marrow though, if only for our own reassurance. Also, Kaidan will not be taking anymore oral chemo until we get the results of all these tests.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit Kaidan at the hospital...she loved it. Also to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers. We are truly grateful. I'll update again on Monday after I get labs back.

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Semi-Organized Mom said...

How is Kaidan doing? We've been praying for her.