Wednesday, April 29, 2009

clinic day...

Today went well. Kaidan had a bone marrow aspirate done and they also did her spinal with chemo so that she won't have to be sedated next month. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I'm glad that she won't need to be sedated next month. It always makes for a long, long day when we have to do sedation.

Her counts were good today. White blood cells were 3.0, ANC 1100, hematocrit 36.1, and platelets 270.

We will get the bone marrow results tomorrow, so I'll update again after that. Her blood counts look good, so that is a good sign. We just need to figure out why her counts won't stabilize. I'm not sure when the metabolizing test will be back, it may still take until next week. I'll update when we get that back as well.

Overall, today went well. Kaidan is really tired, but that is just from being sedated. She isn't in any pain from the bone marrow, so that is good.

I'll update again tomorrow. Thanks for all the support.

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