Wednesday, June 3, 2009

blood counts 6/3/09...

Well, Kaidan's counts are still great! I'm hoping this is the right dose...finally! We'll see next week. The blood results from these chemos have a delayed effect, so next weeks results will be more accurate.

Kaidan is doing well. She is really struggling with some stomach issues again and I am now blaming that on the chemo. I've done some research and it can cause gastrointestinal toxicity. Her symptoms were almost gone until we started the chemo up again. Poor girl.

The girls are out of school and so far they are enjoying summer. I have taken a couple weeks off work, so hopefully we can do some fun things together. Next week the girls are going to go to Camp Hobe. It is a camp for cancer kids and their siblings. They are excited and a little nervous, but I think they will both have a great time and it will be good for both of them.

I'll update again next week after we get Kaidan's blood work done.

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Bryan & Sarah said...

Oh yeah for good blood counts! I am sorry Kaiden is having stomach issues that is no fun! I bet the girls will have a great time at camp and it will be something they will remember forever!