Monday, June 15, 2009

Kaidan's blood counts are fabulous!!!

Kaidan's counts are great! Her white count is over 4,000 and her ANC is 2800. We are leaving her chemo at 25% until our clinic appointment next Wednesday. Then we can decide, together with the doctor, if we will increase the dose.

Preslee is feeling much better, today is the first day she has not had a fever. I received a call today from the doctor at Camp Hobe. Several kids that were at camp have tested positive for Influenza A (yes, this is the swine flu from what I've been told). The are recommending that all the cancer kids that were there be treated with Tamiflu as a precaution, but of course, PCMC says NOPE. Why would they take precautions?? They'll just wait until the kids get it and then deal with it. Oh well, so far Kaidan hasn't had any symptoms, and I'm VERY, VERY glad that her ANC is high (emphasis on the VERY). Hopefully, with that GREAT immune system she has had the past couple of weeks she will bypass this round of illness.

I'll keep you posted, but it will most likely be next Wednesday after chemo when I update again.

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