Thursday, May 28, 2009

chemo day...

Everything went well today. Kaidan's blood counts were really good, her ANC is 2,300, so it has gone up A LOT since last week. We started her back on her oral chemos at 25% and I requested that we get her labs drawn weekly instead of every two weeks. We'll see how this goes, but hopefully it will be okay. Also, Kaidan has gained almost 2 pounds since last month!! I am very excited about that.

Porter has to get tubes put in his ears in the next week or so. He has another ear infection. :(

I'll update again soon. Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers.

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Bryan & Sarah said...

Ammon got tubes in his ears almost a year ago and had done great. Who is putting in Porteres tubes? If it is Dr. Hunter by chance he did Ammon's and know Bryan really well. Anyways, glad to hear Kaiden is doing well and gaining weight!