Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camp Hobe (a camp for cancer kids and their siblings)...

I got the girls off to Camp Hobe yesterday morning...they were nervous, but very excited, especially when they found out they would be sharing a cabin. I thought it was great, because they were most scared about being in different cabins and it was an opportunity for them to realize how much they needed, loved, and WANTED to be with each other. I hope they are having a great time. I do miss them, and it's abnormally boring around here without them, but it should be a great experience for them both.

Kaidan was supposed to have labs drawn tomorrow, but she didn't want to have the nurse do it without me there, so we will wait until next week. I really wanted counts this week, but I worry that if I go out there to be with her she will decide she misses home and won't want to stay.

I'll update again on Friday after everyone is back home.

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Bryan & Sarah said...

How fun for them! I bet they are having a great time!