Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no fevers!!!

So, Kaidan's temperature has just been hanging out between 99.3 and 99.8. I wouldn't even worry about it, but her counts were so low on Thursday. Her normal temp is usually between 96.9 and 97.5 or so, so even to be at 98.7 is warm for her.

I did call the clinic today and spoke with a nurse practitioner. After she called Kaidan a boy and I corrected her, she was really light hearted about it and laughing. I told her that I didn't know why she was laughing because I don't find it funny. I expect them to know that she is a girl...seriously, we've been going up there for almost 2 years now!! She tried to tell me all she had was a phone note in front of her, and it didn't have any info besides my name and Kaidan's name. I said, "So you don't have Kaidan's chart right there?" She told me she did have her chart and she was sorry. Maybe I over-reacted, but that is one thing that both Nate and I have disliked about Primary's. How can we feel like she is getting the best care possible if they don't even take the time to see who they are talking about. The should know she's a girl...PERIOD!! We wouldn't tolerate a doctor treating us that way, so why is it okay for them to treat our child that way?...IT'S NOT!!

Anyway, she said not to worry about the temp unless it gets higher or she starts feeling sick. I asked if we could have her counts drawn tomorrow instead of Thursday, just to make sure they are heading up, but she said no. She said it's better to just wait the extra day and let them get higher...so, whatever. I guess we'll wait until Thursday.

I'll update again after counts. Thanks for all the love and support and for listening to me complain.

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