Monday, May 18, 2009

home from school today...

Kaidan is home from school today. Last night she had a low temperature (99.7) and this morning it was 99.3. I don't feel good about sending her to school when I need to watch her temp. She feels least that is what she says. Her eyes sometimes tell a different story. Right now she's just sitting on the couch playing her DS. I've noticed lately that Kaidan has dark circles around her eyes, they seem to be getting worse. I don't know if she is having trouble sleeping or what. She has been really restless the past couple of nights, so hopefully that is all that it is.

We stopped chemo last Thursday, and she will have her blood counts checked again this Thursday. 50% chemo is not working for her, so we'll have to try 25% or possibly cut one of the meds that she takes. I have to talk to the doctor about that.

Preslee is home today also, she hurt her knee yesterday and is having trouble walking. (I'm thinking she just needs a little extra attention, so I've been giving that to her and hopefully tomorrow she'll be back in action.)

I'll update again on Thursday unless the fever becomes an issue.

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