Thursday, March 25, 2010

We have had a fun couple of days. On Tuesdays in March the boys have been doing Itty Bitty much FUN!! It's just great to watch a bunch of 2-4 year olds running around with lacrosse sticks! For anyone who doesn't know Cash that well, he is a home body. He loves to stay home and just hang out. He has fun doing things, it just takes a little (sometimes a lot) of coercing to get him to actually leave the house, but once he gets where we're going he usually has a great time. So Tuesday morning I was getting the boys ready and this is the conversation Cash and I had:

Me: Come on Cash, hurry and get dressed.
Cash: Where are we going mom?
Me: To lacrosse so hurry up, we're going to be late.
Cash: I don't want to go today, my foot itches.
Me: Fine, we don't have to go.
Cash: Can we go swimming to that place what has the blue slide? (Yes, I meant to type "what". He always says "what" when he should say "that". It's so funny. He also thinks that tomorrow means yesterday. I cannot figure out how to explain that one to him.)
Me: NO...If we're going anywhere it's to lacrosse.
Cash: FINE mom...I'll go to lacrosse, but my foot still itches.

Isn't that great? He cracks me up every day. He has really had fun doing lacrosse and is now convinced that he is on a football team, a soccer team, and a baseball team. He always had some sort of game that started 3 minutes ago and because of me he is late. I have no idea what he is talking about, but for his own sanity I did sign him up for t-ball that will start in April. It should be fun. My pictures from lacrosse turned out too dark, but I did get a couple of Porter that turned out.

Tuesday was also Kaidan's first soccer practice! She was so, so excited. Porter and I took her, so Porter got some good playground time in too.

This is what Kaidan looked like on the way to practice...she also fell asleep on the way home.

Today my sisters, dad, and Steve took the girls snowboarding. They were so excited to finally get to go! The boys and I drove up to watch them for awhile, so even Cash got in a little run! He is such a strange little man, on the way up there he was asking me if we were going to the snowy mountains or the desert. ??? He thinks he's Diego or something.

So with all of this fun stuff comes some crummy stuff too. You knew it was coming, right? Nate's car didn't pass inspection on Monday...bummer! He is currently driving an unregistered car with an expired drivers license. I'm pretty sure he's going to end up in jail :) Hopefully we can get both of those things taken care of this weekend, it's the new drivers license requirements that are holding us back on that. We can't find his birth certificate, so I'm waiting for a new one to come in the mail. The car is going to cost a bit of money, so I'm not real happy about that. On Tuesday the GI doctor called and Kaidan's tests were all normal except she tested positive for H Pylori. It's some sort of bacteria that can cause chronic gastritis. So she is being treated with 3 different medications for that and her prescriptions were over $200...double bummer. On Wednesday I was running late to pick Preslee up from soccer so I may possibly have been driving a little fast....I may also have gotten a speeding ticket...triple bummer. Oh well, life is life.

I had several things I wanted to mention as far as our cancer life goes, but I've rambled on enough, so maybe in a couple of days I'll get to that stuff, but look at me journalin' it up...pretty exciting!

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