Sunday, March 21, 2010

a great weekend...

I have so many new pictures, so I'm hoping to get my shutterfly page updated soon, but I'm going to put a couple from this weekend on here. I really need to be better at taking pictures...and at journaling...etc, etc, etc....

We had a great weekend, but the kids stayed up too late :( hopefully they'll recover by getting in bed early tonight. Friday I took the boys to Ogden and we hit the Treehouse Childrens Museum with Janae and her kids. The boys absolutely love playing with their cousins. I took some pictures but they were all blurry...I had the camera on the night setting. Of course! The afternoon was spent running around doing errands and such, Kaidan got her new soccer uniform and Preslee needed new cleats. She also talked me into buying her some goalie gloves. They are both so excited about spring sports!!! All the kids are loving having some nice weather and being able to play outside. I have to admit, I'm loving it too! It's so nice to have them dead tired by the end of the day :)

Saturday we went to see Alice in Wonderland with HopeKids. We all liked it a lot, it was a great movie. Then we went to my sisters lacrosse game at Westminster. She had an awesome game and scored 6 goals. It was such a nice day and again the kids had a blast being outside. Kaidan had a rough evening, with a low grade temp and lots and lots of tummy pain, but she seemed better today. I'm hoping to get some of her test results early this week.

Today Nate took the kids fishing in the morning and then we had a family party. Again, outside all day! We are loving it!! We played lacrosse, soccer, and barbecued! It was a great weekend.

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Cole's Foundation said...

Sounds like fun! The pictures are so precious! Your kids are all adorable!

Love and prayers,

Robin M