Tuesday, October 13, 2009

moving on...

Well...what can I say? I can say that I have an amazing daughter. All my kids are amazing, of course, but today was Kaidan's day. She is so, so very brave.

Our day started with clinic at 9:00. I was extremely disappointed when the doctor that came in to see Kaidan was not the doctor we have requested to see. My initial feeling on that is that we put our feelings out there, we gave the proper people all of our concerns, and for what? Kaidan's doctor isn't even going to be there to answer all of the questions we have as we start this new phase of our journey? She's not going to be there to congratulate Kaidan for a job well done? So...I made my opinion heard. I complained. And, although we still didn't see our doctor, she did come down the the surgery waiting room to see us and the administration came down to see us in the recovery room to try to make things right. We'll see how it goes from here on out. I told the administration that I feel like this next year it will be even more important to us that we see the same doctor on every visit. Our trips up there will become fewer and farther between and I feel like it is very important for the doctor who treats her to know her. I will not tolerate seeing a different doctor every single month.

Anyway, back to the clinic visit. It went well other than the doctor mishap. Kaidan's counts were still a bit high, but much lower than they were last week. Her ANC was down to 2600, so that is good. They aren't going to increase her chemo anymore. After Kaidan had her chemo and labs done the staff brought in a beautiful quilt and some books and toys for Kaidan. They sang "Happy Off Treatment To You" to her. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger smile on her face!

After clinic we headed down to surgery. It was very hard to watch Kaidan walk away from us. She was fine right up until we had to part ways and then she became very sad and scared. She was crying and holding onto Nate, it was very hard to watch. (Jennette, I didn't see your message until just now about going back with her :( ) She finally mustered up the strength to go on with the doctor; again, I can't tell you how brave she is. A child shouldn't have to do that. The surgery went well, it took about an hour for the actual surgery, but Kaidan decided to take a nap afterwards, so it was another 2 hours before she was finally awake enough to go home.

So here we are. We are done. Kaidan will have oral chemo until Nov. 5th, but we don't have to go back into clinic until the first week of December. That's the longest we've ever gone without going up there...weird.

I'll update more later, but thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and concerns. I took many pictures today, so I'll try to get some posted.

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