Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1 down, only 1 more to go...

Chemo went fine today. It was a pretty quick visit, which was nice because I had the boys with me. Kaidan's counts are great...in fact, they are increasing her chemo to lower them a bit. We are going to try a yogurt regime to see if we can control some of her stomach issues.

I really cannot believe that we are almost done. It's an interesting mix of emotions. I know I've said it before, but I'm scared! I really worry about the future for Kaidan and our family. I think that this is something that will never, ever go away. It might get easier or become less constant, but it won't ever go away. The doctor assured me today that everything I'm feeling is completely normal. It will definitely be a different life for us when we don't have to run to the ER for a fever!! So, the plan is for an MRI the 12th of October to check on the progression of AVN in Kaidan's legs, IV chemo the morning of the 13th, and then surgery to remove her port that afternoon. Then, she'll take oral chemo until November 5th. After that she will have monthly blood draws for a year.

BIG PARTY...Saturday November 7th...open house from 6-9 p.m....more info soon!!! Please save this date if you can. We want lots of people to celebrate with us.

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