Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wednesday blood counts...

Kaidan's blood work looked good again today. Her ANC dropped a little bit more, down to 1700, but that is still great for her. Her hematocrit was 39. I was surprised to see it that high because she's been so tired lately, but I guess we can blame it on the hot weather and late nights.

We are heading to the lake this weekend. We have a family reunion Saturday and we'll spend the rest of the time waterskiing and having a great time in the hot sun.

I was thinking back on the 4th of July 2007. That was the day Kaidan got to come home after being diagnosed. WOW!! Shortly after that we went to the lake with Kaidan puffy from being on steroids and covered in plastic wrap to try and keep her PICC line clean and dry. We didn't get to come home from that trip, instead we had to go to the ER for a fever Kaidan got on the drive home. I can remember the feelings...being a "new cancer mom", scared of just about everything, and having no idea what the future would hold. That is when we learned to live for the moment. I'm so, so grateful that we are here, 2 years later, getting ready to head up to the lake. This time, we won't have to wrap Kaidan in Glad Press and Seal, she'll be able to swim with no worries. She isn't swollen from steroids (but I'm sure she'll still be begging for bacon! That's one side effect that didn't go away when she stopped taking those crappy things.) We can only hope that we will get to come straight home when we are finished having our fun; a weekend with no fevers would be absolutely FABULOUS!!

I'll update again next week.

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Bryan & Sarah said...

What a crazy and hard 2 years I am sure it has been. I am so glad she is doing well. I hope you guys have a ball at the lake!