Friday, July 17, 2009

good counts and ear tubes...

I have been lazy in the updating department...sorry.

Kaidan had labs drawn Wednesday and her counts are still great!! Her ANC stayed at 1700. Maybe...just maybe we have found the right dose for her!

We had yet ANOTHER issue up at PCMC. To make a long story short...I went up on Thursday to pick up some of Kaidans meds and I could tell the pills were not her normal pills. It turns out that the pharmacy gave us pills that were 2 times the dose they should have been!! So, we will be having a conference next Wednesday with the management to discuss all of our problems, concerns, thoughts, etc. I hope it goes well.

Porter had tubes put in his ears today. He did great. He was cranky when he woke up (I believe because he was cranky when he fell asleep), and he's still quite sleepy, but he's doing good. I hope this is the answer to his never ending ear infections. (I asked the nurse yesterday if we would get to stay with Porter until he had been put under and was asleep and she said yes, but as it turned out we only got to walk him to the corner and then he went the rest of the way with the anesthesiologist...crying.)

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to be done up there. I don't know that we could handle much more.

Chemo is next Wednesday, the 22nd. I'll update again after that.

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Bryan & Sarah said...

I hated seeing Ammon walk away with the dr to get his tubes screaming! Ugh it was horrible. I hope your meeting goes well up at Primarys, hopefully there will be some changes brought about because of all this!