Thursday, July 23, 2009


Kaidan’s chemo went well on Wednesday. Her counts are good, her ANC dropped slightly to 1500, but that is still great for her. She always has stomach issues for a week or so after, but other than that she is doing well. We had a meeting with the management of the Hem/Onc department at PCMC and discussed all the problems we have had. It went very well and I think Nate and I both feel better just knowing that they know. Hopefully things will change a little bit. We did get a new doctor, Dr. Wright. We are really happy about that because she has always been very pro-active. She is the doctor who finally scheduled an MRI for Kaidan’s legs, she is the one who told us about the enzyme testing for Kaidan’s low counts, and she is the one who prescribed the miracle anti-nausea medication when Kaidan was struggling with the tough chemo. This alone should make our last 4 months run more smoothly than the previous 24. Next chemo is Tuesday, August, 18th. This will be Kaidan’s FINAL back poke. Then she’ll have 2 more months of IV chemo and it will be party time!!

We have the party scheduled now (this should be the FINAL date change) for Friday, October 23rd. Please save that date, even if it’s just a few minutes to make a stop in to our party and tell Kaidan hello. I am hoping this will be a great event!!

It is also time for the Ducky Derby for the Utah Make a Wish Foundation. We have set a goal of $1000 again this year. Each duck is $5 and comes with a chance to win a car. Please support us, every $5 donation helps. You can donate by going to the Make a Wish website and clicking on the Ducky Derby link. Then click support someone you know who is selling duckies and search my name, Mystee Sudbury. We are so thankful for all the support we received last year, please help us out again…$5 and you could win a new car (and have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to grant wishes)!!

Thanks again…We love you all!! Hopefully I won’t need to update until August 18th. Look for new pictures on our shutterfly website I’ll be trying to get those up in the near future. I’ve got some cute ones from the last couple of weeks.

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Braden and Janae said...

cute pictures of your kids. i like the blog. i'll keep the date in oct. it will be a great party for kaidan! let me know what i can do!