Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December check-up for Kaidan...

Kaidan's blood work all came back good yesterday. She is growing and has finally hit the 20th percentile in weight!!! Her height is average for her age, but she is definitely a skinny mini. Everything looked great at her check-up, but we have a hefty line-up of specialists to get her in to see in the next little while...and I was hoping that 2011 would be the year that we'd finally not have medical bills...yeah right!

She needs to see a dermatologist for her many, many warts (this all started from her compromised immune system while on cancer treatment), a cardiologist for her continuing chest pain (her echo last month was normal, but the doctor wants a stress test done because she continues to have chest pain that radiates down her arm and it is usually associated with activity), an orthopedist for her ankles (her avascular necrosis was improved as of her last MRI in 2009, but her ankles roll inward and it's getting worse and not better, so it needs to be fixed before it's a huge problem - which it will be if we don't do anything), and a therapist for her anxiety (Kaidan is so uptight about everything. She can't even have fun with us because she is always worried about crazy things, so the doctor would like her to learn some coping skills now, rather than later. I also have quite a large family history of depression and anxiety, so it's better to get this under control now). She also has an appointment with GI Thursday (I am going to demand a scope because nothing wrong is showing up looking from the outside in, so it's time we look from the inside out. We will also be talking about removing her gallbladder) and a neurology appointment on the 15th (this is for headaches that seem to be getting somewhat better, but it takes months to get in to them, so I will be keeping this appointment and asking them if they have any ideas what could be causing the headaches she does get).

And we thought this all ended when she completed treatment in 2009... have I ever mentioned that I hate cancer?


Briana said...

Oh poor, sweet girl! That is too heavy and long of a list of complications for such a sweet, young girl. I hope you get some answers soon. Hopefully 2011 is the year of answers and feeling better for her!

And with the GI doc: my advice- definitely push for the scope!! Our other daughter has major GI issues and it was so frustrating hitting dead end after dead end with blood work and other testing. The scope was what finally brought answers and a treatment path that worked. I wish we had done it sooner! Yes, it is invasive an you have to go under a general (that's the reason for why we weren't doing one that everyone was giving us), but it's not that invasive and not dangerous. So push for it, mama! :)

Good luck! Keep us updated on what you hear with everything.

Amanda said...

We love you. I am so sorry for this. Kaidan you amaze me with your strength. A little girl your age should not have to face all that you do. Good Luck with all your upcoming appointments. I hope that the doctors will have some answers for you all.

Chelsea said...

You guys are amazing! I feel so terrible that Kaidan is still having these issues. It is heartbreaking that after all she has gone through that she still has to face the effects of those nasty drugs. Im so sorry. Love you guys XOXOXOX