Tuesday, April 27, 2010

this and that...

Life is just flying by. I don't know if it's been awhile since I last posted, or if it's just that a lot has happened. I'm going to start by updating you on some of the kids that I wrote about in my last post. I have been so very sad lately because it seems like most everyone that I follow on CarePages or Caringbridge is struggling. It makes my heart just ache for their families and it also causes me to wonder what our future holds. If we have learned anything from everything that we've been through it's that there is no guarantee and planning is a dangerous endeavor. You cannot be sure what tomorrow will bring, so you must make the most of today. That being said, I wrote in my last post about Elliott-sadly, he passed away a couple of weeks ago-when I read the update about Elliott I was so sad for his parents, they've been through so much. This morning I read about Meaghan, who had been battling cancer for 7 years, both ALL and AML. Sadly, this mornings update was that she had passed away too. My heart is broken for her family, she fought so hard and they were so full of hope. I cried over the weekend as I looked at pictures posted online for Luke. He is getting weaker everyday. His supporters did an amazing thing for his family and had snow brought in to their yard so that they could all play in the snow. The pictures were absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. I have never met any of these families personally, but I feel like I know them and it is so hard for me to keep hearing how they struggle. It's really not fair! Please support childhood cancer awareness and research.

As far as our family, we are all doing well. We are always busy with finishing up our repairs from the flood and now trying to keep up with our kids soccer/tball/lacrosse/etc, not to mention dog obedience and turkey hunting. It's fun and crazy! The kids are having a blast though. I had hoped that Kaidan's stomach was better after we finished up her antibiotics for the H Pylori that she tested positive for, but I'm afraid that isn't the case. She was doing really well for a couple of weeks, but the past couple of days have been tough. We'll have to see what we can do. Her next clinic appointment is May 4th and then we will be transferring her care to her pediatrician. She will still have labs done and be seen monthly, but we'll avoid the hospital which will be nice.

I have some new pictures, but I can never find the time to post them, so I'll try to get to that soon. I'll update again if/when I get them online.