Saturday, January 10, 2009

OK, so when I updated the other night, I thought (hoped) that I wouldn't be updating again until next chemo in February. I mean, seriously, it's about time for our lives to be's about time for the days to come and go without anything worth writing about...isn't it???


Cash was watching Kung Fu Panda, doing a little kung fu of his own, jumping off the couch, yelling skadush??? and...he broke his foot!! Yep, you don't need to re-read that...HE BROKE HIS FOOT!! So, he is in a splint and I have to take him to the orthopedic doctor next week. This will now be 3 out of 4 children who have seen the orthopedic doctor! I'm just going to ask Preslee to break her arm or something so I can just take her in at the same time!! I can't believe it, all I can do is laugh. It's unreal the amount of bad luck we have at our house.

I do have to say, on a more somber note, I am blessed to have a boy with a broken foot. There are so many families that have lost their kids to cancer and other diseases. They would probably give anything for that child to be back with them with a broken foot. I am blessed to wake up each day, with all the chaos, because it means everyone is alive and doing OK. It means I have another day with my family.

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