Thursday, August 27, 2009

ducks, ducks, ducks...

The deadline for buying ducks is this Friday. We are almost at $700. I have some cash I need to turn in and I need to buy a few myself. If you can, please support us. Thank you!!

Copy this link to go directly to our Make a Wish page:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

new pictures and ducks...

I have almost finished uploading tons of new photos to our picture site:
Check them out when you get a chance.

Also...we are on the final stretch to reaching our goal of duckies. Our goal is $1000 and we have sold about $600. That is AWESOME!! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. If you haven't yet, and you are able, please sponsor a duck, they are $5 each. You COULD win a car, and you WILL be helping to grant wishes for kids with life-threatening diseases. The link to buy a duck is:

Thanks again for all the support.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was a big day. Kaidan had her last chemo with sedation!! Everything went well. She was nervous, probably because it's been a couple months since she has had to be put to sleep and have the back poke; but, she did great!!! She told me at one point that if she didn't get something to eat RIGHT NOW, she was going to die in the next 100 seconds. She's still alive, so I guess I got her food fast enough.

She now has 2 more IV chemos on Sept. 15 and Oct. 13, and then she will be on oral chemo until Nov. 5. Because this date has been moved back, we are changing her "end of chemo party". I don't have an exact date yet, I'm waiting to re-reserve a few things, but hopefully it will be either the Friday or Saturday after the 5th. I'll update again as soon as I know for sure. She will also be having surgery on Oct. 13th to have her port removed. After that they will just draw labs through normal pokes on her hand or arm. She's not excited about that, but once the port is gone, the risk of infection is also gone, so when she gets a fever we can treat her at home and she will not have to go to the hospital. That will be AWESOME!!

Kaidan's counts were great again, her ANC is over 3,000. For me that is fabulous, but for the doctors it is too high. They are increasing her oral pills a little bit and we'll keep doing weekly blood draws to monitor her reaction. I'm really hoping we can get through the next couple months with no fevers, no ER visits, and definitely no admits. Overall, Kaidan is doing amazing. She feels pretty good, she looks great, and she's able to do more and more things that a 7 year old should do. She's super excited about the party, and wants to invite everyone; all of our family and friends, all the nurses and techs, but not the doctors!! I thought that was funny. She cracks me up.

Everyone else around here is doing good. Preslee's electric scooter was stolen off of our back patio while we were at the lake last time, so she's been a little nervous to sleep downstairs alone. I hate that people do stuff like that. It's always a bigger deal than just a stolen scooter (which by itself it a big deal to the 9 year old that it belonged to). It really makes you feel violated and has a deeper psychological effect than just an item being stolen. Cash is awesome, and Porter is a bruiser. He is always banged up and black and blue. He's definitely a boy!!

School starts after Labor Day. Cash will be starting preschool this year...WOW...Preslee will be in 4th grade, and Kaidan will be a big 2nd grader. They are excited and, I must am I. It will be nice to get a little bit of routine back in our lives.

Thanks for all the love and support. I'll update again with a party date.

If you are able, please follow this link to buy a ducky to support our family as we try to help the Make a Wish Foundation of Utah grant wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can you help us reach our goal??

Follow the link below to support our family as we try to help the Make a Wish Foundation of Utah grant wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses like Kaidan.

For every ducky you sponsor ($5 each) you will be entered to win a NEW CAR!!! It's a great cause. The Foundation granted Kaidan's wish shortly after she was diagnosed with leukemia.

If you are able to help us out in reaching our goal we'd be very appreciative. Thanks!!