Wednesday, January 6, 2010

check-up time...

Kaidan had her oncology check-up today. It is a strange and new emotion for me to feel such anxiety about getting her labs done. I didn't fully realize how stressful it would be as each appointment gets closer.

Everything looked great! Her blood counts are good. They are in the normal range, but still on the low-normal end. That should just keep getting better and better. She has managed to gain a little weight, even with the stomach issues, so that is awesome. We are going to have her seen by a pediatric gastro intestinal doctor just to check things out. Hopefully we can figure out what it is that is causing her so much grief. We are also going to be watching her blood sugar levels to see if that is possibly what is causing a bit of blurriness in her eyesight. Other than that she is in great shape. It's so nice to see her growing and doing things that all the other kids can do. She is regaining her strength nicely.

The rest of us are doing well too. We are recovering from the holidays and getting back into a new school routine. We bought a house in December and we are settling in. The girls just started the new school today and I know they will do well. I'm struggling because it's such a different experience than school they have gone to for so, so different. (Mrs. Westover or Mrs. Winkleman, if you are reading this, please email me.)

Other than that there isn't much new going on. Kaidan's next appointment is in February so I'll update again closer to then unless something new comes up.

Happy New Year!

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**the muirs** said...

I'm so glad Kaden is doing SO much better! Congrats on the house!